Have domain name will run?

Who's that we hear may be running for the provincial New Democrat nomination in North Vancouver-Lonsdale? Could it be North Vancouver school district trustee Susan Skinner? Well, Ms. Skinner hasn't yet spoken to Public Eye about the matter. But that's the name some party members are talking about, noting Ms. Skinner registered the domain name susanskinner.ca on December 1.


What, no Craig Keating comeback? Say it isn't so.

Well, chalk one up to the affirmative action plan!

What is it, another 30(?) to go?

I wonder if North Vancouver-Lonsdale is really one of the target ridings covered by the affirmative action policy? Bob Jeffries seems to think it's pretty high up the list of possible NDP gains, something which North Vancouver NDP activists would no doubt be pleased to hear!

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