Meanwhile, in the wings

If North Vancouver-Seymour legislator Dan Jarvis doesn't seek re-election, there's already talk former Retail Council of Canada vice-president and Coalition of British Columbia Businesses chair Kevin Evans could replace him. But is Mr. Jarvis thinking about putting himself out to pasture? In an earlier interview with the North Shore News's Bill Bell, the backbencher reportedly wouldn't give a firm answer. But, speaking with Public Eye, Mr. Jarvis said he'll be making a decision "during or after" the upcoming spring legislative session. That being said, Mr. Jarvis acknowledged "everyone would like my seat" - one of the safest Liberal constituencies in the province - "and there are several individuals who have indicated to me they want to run (in the riding). But they said as long as you're there we won't run against you. Which is good on their part." But he didn't rule out the possibility of someone challenging him for the nomination, should he seek another term.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, ... ah, ... excuse me, ... but is that the same Bill Bell who was an NDP propagandist in the 1980s, alonside Soren Bech? Didn't he help prepare the ads that helped propel Bob Skelly to his rendezvous with destiny?

Talk about covering all corners!

First there's Kevin Evans (ex: CBC TV News Anchor)
running, then next Jarvis is quoted as saying he'll decide, and then after that the possibility of someone challenging.

The error here is that there won't be anyone challenging Jarvis, since the BC Liberals have a 'direct action' when it comes to nominations. They either find the preferred candidate or protect the MLA's they have.

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