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On October 21, provincial Greens elected Jane Sterk as the party's leader. But so far the Esquimalt councillor doesn't seem to have had much to say. Since their leadership convention, the party has issued just two news releases - one condemning recently forestry deals struck by the provincial government and another announcing Ms. Sterk's attendance at the Say Yes Louder! Fall Electoral Reform Conference. In an interview with Public Eye, the councillor explained the party is in the midst of replacing its media and communications chair Andrew Frank - who resigned in November - as well as a hiring a new party press secretary. Australian Jacqui Ooi had been doing the job using a work permit which expired in December. Ms. Sterk also said the party is "busily working on some interesting policy updates that will give us some meaty stuff to release" rather than just reacting to Liberal and New Democrat statements.

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I can guarantee Jane will have plenty to say as the year rolls along. She's a smart woman and an incredible leader, with a strong team behind her. I truly believe the BC Greens will achieve great things with Jane at the helm - and British Columbia will be all the better for it.

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