Rising star candidate?

The BC Cancer Foundation's former president and chief executive officer says Premier Gordon Campbell has approached her about running for the provincial Liberals in the next election. In an exclusive interview with Public Eye, Mary McNeil said Premier Campbell made the approach shortly after she lost her bid to become the federal Conservative candidate in Vancouver-Quadra.

Commenting on the possibility of seeking provincial electd office, Ms. McNeil said, "That's a big step - especially for someone who doesn't consider themselves a politician. I've been CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation for eight years. I've stepped down from there. But I feel I have ten really good years left to put my teeth into something. And I decided to take Christmas to really think about what I wanted to do. But I would not be truthful if I didn't say I'm not considering it."

Ms. McNeil, who presently lives in Vancouver-Burrard, said the premier didn't suggest she run in any specific riding. Although some have suggested Ms. McNeil would make a good replacement for Vancouver-Langara legislator Carole Taylor, who announced her decision to leave provincial politics last year.


Naive me, would someone please explain to me this tradition of jumping from one party to another? McNeil was hoping to run for the Conservatives but having lost the nomination, she's considering running for the Liberals at the invitation of the "Liberal" Premier?

I don't get it.

Don't any of them have ethics?

Why Langara? Vancouver-Burrard is currently held by the now retiring and lacklustre Mayencourt (with the narrowest of winning margins).

Even under the existing boundaries, the demographics are moving in the Liberals direction and the 4% provincial point spread in the last election is now between 10% (Ipsos) and 14% (Mustel).

Throw in a quality candidate... and well...

"McNeil was hoping to run for the Conservatives but having lost the nomination, she's considering running for the Liberals at the invitation of the "Liberal" Premier?"

It kinda reminds me of the current federal by-election in Saskatchewan. An incumbent provincial NDP MLA, Joan Beatty, was courted by both the federal NDP and Liberals. Guess what? She threw her hat in with the Liberals as their candidate! Go figure!

She says she has 10 good years left and wants to put her teeth into something. She'd be wise to talk to Ilich and Taylor - two strong, successful woman who couldn't put up with that notorious control freak of a premier. They bailed after 1 term, would Mary be anything different?

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