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University of British Columbia professor Bob Evans wasn't surprised when he learned many of the conversation on health's findings are similar to those of the 1991 British Columbia Royal Commission on Health Care and Costs. And now David Sinclair, another former member of that commission, is expressing a similar view.

Asked about the those similarities, Mr. Sinclair (who hadn't yet read the conversation's summary of input) said "I think the issues of healthcare are pretty clear. And there's probably a much broader consensus then is apparent from time to time in terms of opinions and comments by individuals." And that consensus - which is reflected by the work of the commission and the conversation on health - "makes a heck of a lot of common sense. But there's a lot of institutional hurdles to overcome." Specifically, he said the government needs to move "the bureaucracy to - in a sense - be more entrepreneurial. It's the greatest challenge. And, basically, I think that our healthcare system is far, far better than we give it credit for. And that's a function of the people."

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This is hardly a surprise. Most consultations with the public produce recommendations that once implemented the public finds reasons to dislike. They all involve the shifting of resources (money)as the implementation is never by injecting more money but rather shifting what is already here to work with. That is what happened in 1991 and it will happen again. For a short time, while consultations are taking place, everyone feels good but that does not last. The government will not have the guts to stick it out. The opposition caved in to pressure in after the last time and now that they are in government and close to an election they will put it off again.

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