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In October, former Retail Council of Canada vice-president and Coalition of British Columbia Businesses chair Kevin Evans was appointed chief executive officer of the province's Industry Training Authority. But there's already talk Mr. Evans may be destined for a higher office - running as the provincial Liberal candidate in North Vancouver-Seymour should Dan Jarvis retire. Asked about such talk, Mr. Evans said, "I've not heard those rumours myself. So that is point number one. Point number two is no one has talked to me about running in Dan Jarvis's constituency or any other constituency. And point number three is that I want to be wherever I can make the most contribution to British Columbia. And I'll tell you, right now that's right where I am as CEO of the Industry Training Authority."

"I think that the labour shortage is a looming storm that really does pose quite a threat to British Columbia's prosperity," he continued. "It is the economic challenge of our age. So I'm very, very pleased with the challenge I have before me at the moment."

So would he rule out a future in elected politics? "No I wouldn't rule it out. But, as I say, my criteria will be where can I make the most contributions to British Columbia. So it would depend on what the scenario and the landscape looked like at the time. But certainly, at the moment, I've got a big, big challenge here at the ITA. And I'm going to need several years to make the kind of contribution I want to make at the ITA. And that's where I'm focused on right now," responded Mr. Evans.


Interesting to see how successful BCL has been in their effort to recruit talents from business world to run for higher office. They must see something in the Premier who is about to preside over Olympics that makes them believers as BCL fends off BCNDP who in contrast is trying to move away from the influences of union activists. But more interestingly, however, will be Campbell's choice as the new finance minister/premier-in-waiting who will be leading these future cabinet prospects in the years to come. No doubt however, Campbell's effort in positioning BCL as the "party of prosperity" will most likely bring him another mandate to govern.

FHK, did you not read the piece? Evidently Evans is NOT running. I wouldn't call that a successful recruitment. Nice spin, though.

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