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Earlier, we reported some provincial Liberals are promoting Royal Pacific Real Estate Corp. president and chief executive officer David Choi as a possible successor to outgoing Vancouver-Langara legislator Carole Taylor. But other party members have suggested the seat could be kept open for Gordon Campbell just in case the polling numbers in Vancouver-Point Grey turn against the premier.


Wow! Just what is it that will get rid of this meglomaniac? He is slowly proving he can't even run a peanut stand never mind a province. When the going gets tough he leaves the Legislature to flunkies.

Tlak about a silly notion. thre's something wrong if the Premier and a leader can't win his own seat and has to be protected in some way.

Has to be the dumbest thing ever seen recently in provincial politics.

The Liberals have railed against the NDP's 'affirmative action' in regards to candidates, but it seems from this that the Liberals have no problem with 'direct action' when it comes to preferrred candidates.

What happened to the riding association and its members collecting and then deciding amongst those collected who the candidate will be.

Good move, since having David Choi sitting in the race will keep every single city councilor away from giving up their incumbency to run, but I am a bit confused. It is obvious this riding will be the easiest one to for anyone wanting to become BCL nominee, but I am sure those people "promoting" David Choi are well aware of Peter Ladner's ambition not to mention both are deeply involved with NPA matters. I could be wrong, but with the opposition coalition coming together trying to defeat NPA in the most important election of the mayor's life, I am certain that there wont be any dissent against the party leadership, will there? But the nomination victory of this race will be overshadowed by our Olympics mayor's victory anyway, be it Mayor Sullivan or anyone else.

What? Are there no golf courses or parks in Vancouver-Langara?

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