Here comes Santa Clause

Thanks to a 29 percent pay increase, provincial Liberal legislators will be able to put a few extra presents under the Christmas tree this year. But at least one of those MLAs had a Grinch-like attitude when she found out some healthcare bosses received raises of up to 32 percent back in 1991. Speaking with The Vancouver Sun's Stewart Bell, then Liberal health critic Linda Reid - now the minister of state for childcare - said, "For a hospital administrator to have 32 per cent in a single year seems unwarranted. I can't imagine that those same hospital administrators that preached restraint would be the very same ones that would give themselves such incredible increases." Ho! Ho! Ho! New Democrat legislators are donating their raises to charity but taking advantage of a generous new pension plan.

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Anyone got a list of Lali's favorite charities ?

Now that Sather is expelled from the NDP does he get to keep his entire paycheck ?

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