Labouring under the premier's thumb?

Last week, Public Eye was the first to report on the labour movement's exclusion from the Campbell administration's global warming discussions. At the time, Environment Minister Barry Penner refused to say whether the unionists would be invited to make a presentation to the government's climate action cabinet committee. The reason: "We don't publicly discuss who comes to meet with us because we want them to have an ability to feel confident that they can say whatever they want we they get behind those closed doors." But yesterday Minister Penner revealed he's "invited the B.C. Federation of Labour to come see us sometime and make a presentation to the climate change committee of cabinet." What a difference Premier Gordon Campbell makes!

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Excellent move, just when the union activists are becoming angry at NDP leadership. With a sensible pro-union policy platform marginalizing NDP, I believe that our Premier may just convince enough independent unions who would still give kudos to our Premier Campbell for this era of prosperity to actually increase his mandate, maybe even longer than expected if NDP supporters opt for an even more marginalized leader.

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