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Yesterday, children and youth representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond released a scathing report that found "too little evidence" within the ministry of children and family development "of a coordinated effort to implement numerous Hughes recommendations where its leadership has been required." The minister's response: speaking in the legislature, Tom Christensen said, "We have gone a significant way to implementing the Hughes recommendations, by the representative's own measure; 60 percent of the recommendations are complete or, certainly, well in progress." But what Minister Christensen doesn't mention is that, of the 32 implementations he's bragging about, 16 relate to the establishment of a select standing committee on children and youth, the appointment of a child and youth representative or the supporting role of the coroners service in reviewing child deaths. Which means his ministry is responsible for just 50 percent of the recommendations that are "complete or, certainly, well in progress." Fancy that!


Fancy that. Holman sounds just like the NDP. What a coincidence.

Sorry kevin Larson, I disagree that Holeman sounds like the NDP, The lady was on TV today, the deputy was doing damage control yesterday and at least three articles in a CanWest paper today is covering the lack of progress. Read the Editorial and maybe you can sya the editorial staff are like Holman and the NDP. They don't make up this stuff , they listen and report

typical liberal response. Anyone criticism is political, not practical - even if HALF THE DAMN WORK AINT DONE YET!!!

But heck, it aint worth getting upset over.
After all, kids are only the future of the province.

Fancy that. Larsen sounds just like a BCLiberal. What a coincidence.

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