Meanwhile, in the Middle Kingdom

Today, Premier Gordon Campbell will embark on his fourth mission to Asia - making stopoffs in the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Guangzhou. A news release announcing the trip explains Premier Campbell will be promoting "B.C.'s expertise in green technology and life sciences, as well as opportunities in trade, education and investment." And it looks he may have his educational work cut out for him. According to documents posted yesterday on BC Bid, some of our province's "lesser known attributes" in China include "our cosmpolitan culture, our wealth of business opportunities, our unique geographical positioning and our wide array of tourism experiences." So what are British Columbia's better known attributes then? The documents are part of an attempt to find a contractor who can provide administrative support planning services for the B.C. Canada Pavilion at the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games.


Once again missing the session in the Legislature. Do you think he is scared to show up for Question Period?

If a Basigate falls in the forest and a premier is not there to hear it . . . did it happen at all ?

As China builds the worlds largest standing Army,
and "D-U profs" it's tanks with minerals minded in BC,

I'm reminded that I live on the west coast... !

( thanks "monkey-business-man", hope you get rich )

----- Oylimpics ...? -----

what could Cambell possibly learn ,,, ?????

how to clear the down-town for rich tourists...

(ie: like he's doing in vancover)

Grass-Hopper has learned well from his Manturian-Masters ...!

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