He's making a list and checking it twice

On Monday, Environment Minister Barry Penner declined to say whether the climate action cabinet committee would be meeting with representatives from the labour movement, stating, "We don't publicly discuss who comes to meet with us because we want them to have an ability to feel confident that they can say whatever they want we they get behind those closed doors...If they want to talk about where they've been and who they've seen, that's up to them. But we have said to people we will respect their privacy when they come to see us." But, just a day later, Premier Gordon Campbell contradicted that statement.

Asked by The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer whether the media could "get a list of the 170 or so groups that have presented and at least of summary of what they presented to the cabinet?" the premier responded, "I think we can get you the list. I'm surprised the list isn't out. But, in terms of what they have been presenting to cabinet, we have been clear to them that it was going to be a confidential meeting with a cabinet committee. And I think many of them wanted it to be confidential so they could say what they actually thought without worrying about what was taking place outside."

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Gordon is trying to keep these types of issues from coming up. What his cabinet ministers say means little. we are supposed to watch the little emporer to see if his fingers point up or down befoe we get a handle on what is happening. Control freak for sure. I recall when John Reynolds got undercut by the Zammer on the subject of pollution causing fish deformities in Howe Sound. The zam won as he was boss, but Renolds did the right thing and left. This present group just sits there counting thier wages and upcoming pensions. The cabinet could well consist of a total of ONE. Gordo

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