What would Horgan do?

Earlier, we reported on former deputy minister Virginia Greene's appointment as the Business Council of British Columbia's new president and chief executive officer - and why that doesn't violate existing restrictions on post-employment lobbying by top bureaucrats. But provincial New Democrat legislator John Horgan thinks those restrictions should be changed. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Horgan said, "My view is that deputy ministers should be prohibited from interacting with agents of government for a two year period - just as cabinet ministers should be. That's the intent of the legislation I'm putting forward. And a New Democrat government would institute that."

In the meantime, does he find it troubling Ms. Greene - who was once one of the Campbell administration's most senior civil servants - will now be lobbying the government on behalf of the business council? "Let me add just one bit to that statement," responded Mr. Horgan "I find it troubling that a former Liberal candidate who then became a senior government official now is lobbying for" the council.

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