Swinging the big Dick

Like his colleagues, provincial New Democrat legislator John Horgan wasn't just wearing a button supporting the agricultural land reserve. On Sunday, the Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca MLA's lapel sported another pin that read, "Neufeld is a Dick" - a reference to Energy, Mines and Petroleum Minister Rich "Dick" Neufeld.


Glad to see old Horgan can let it swing free and proud even after the party collectively 'stepped on its own Dick' with their affirmative action being convention's center attraction.

"Hang" in there Johnboy, 2013 comes quick!!!!

Classy Guy that Horgan is.

Haven't seen an attitude like Horgan since high school.

Class guy he isn't. But compared to Neufeld he looks pretty good

Kevin, old boy, I didn't realize you were such a "sensitive male" type. Are you sure you belong in the BC Liberal Party?

Horgan should know better than to try to demonstrate a sense of humour in the world of B.C. politics. I just hope we can all come together, as one big family, and start the healing process....

I hope nobody gets offended at the buttons showing Gordon Campbell's mug shot or the ones saying "Out source Gordon Campbell. Surely more happened at the conference besides buttons. Maybe some thought could be given to the policy resolutions that were passed.

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