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Provincial New Democrat legislators end up often look like pin cushions at convention. And this time was no different, with MLAs wearing buttons showing their support for a range of causes including the agricultural land reserve. Which is surprising since just two New Democrat legislators (Guy Genter and Michael Sather) voted against the controversial transfer of 207 hectares of reserve land to the Tsawwassen First Nation. Asked whether he thought the wearing of such buttons by his colleagues was hypocritical, Mr. Sather - who has been temporarily suspended from caucus for opposing the settlement agreement that will result in that transfer - responded, "I try to look at it from a positive lens and progress anywhere is a good thing."

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Given most of the mlas voted against the section of the tfn that covered the ALR, seems to be hypocritical doesn't it? Other than Sather, only Gentner voted against it. I thought the NDP were going to protect agriculture. Seems to me that the leadership of the party has given up on agriculture. Did Carole mention the ALR or agriculture in any significant way in her remarks? Who advised her to not mention the ALR? Why can't this leadership get it, "because agriculture matters" too.

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