A non-exclusive relationship

British Columbia Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair may think the New Democrats and the labour movement have a lot in common. But, today, party leader Carole James seemed to suggest those shared interests are no different than those the New Democrats have with seniors and youth. Asked for her opinion on the party's connection with labour movement, Ms. James said, " "I've seen it as I've always seen it - which is we share common common values. We are partners in this just as we share common values with seniors, with youth. Working people have always been part of our party and will always be part of our party."

So does she believe union support is important if the New Democrats want to win the next election? "Oh, I think it's critical," Ms. James responded. "I think labour support is critical. I think seniors are critical. I think all progressive voters are critical. You know, I know Gordon Campbell isn't going to give up power easily. We're going to have to work very hard in this election. And we're going to be reaching out to every voter - voters who voted Liberal, who voted Green, trade union, youth, seniors. We're going to be reaching out to everyone. They're all critical."

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Sean, ... is there really a controversy here? What would it be, ... overlapping platitudes perhaps?

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