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Earlier, we reported a number of provincial New Democrat legislators had refused to sign a form supporting a contentious resolution that would see 40 percent of the party's non-incumbent seats set aside for affirmative action candidates. Specifically, John Horgan and Harry Lali are the only MLAs whose names are missing from a list of party members endorsing the resolution. Asked why that was, Mr. Lali laughed and told Public Eye, "It's probably because both of us didn't sign the paper. And it doesn't mean we're voting no. It's nice to be able to (sign the paper). But it's just pressure tactics." Meanwhile, for his part, Mr. Horgan stated, "My delegates (from Malahat-Juan de Fuca) are not supporting the resolution. I will not vote against the resolution because I believe a lot of work has gone into this by a lot of earnest people with a commitment to advancing women's rights in the NDP and in the province. And I support that. But the people that I came here with - the people that work in my constituency - are not supporting it. So I wouldn't sign any documentation to that effect. But I won't vote against" the resolution.

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John Horgan is a nit-wit. It's because of persons like him, this hairbrained resolution was shoved through. Great work ! to whom ever organized the greatest job of manipulation and terrorizing a convention has ever seen. Talk about the total loss of local autonomy, and the freedom to be the honoured token "whatever"

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