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Earlier, we reported the British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association would soon be making some media buys in support of the salmon aquaculture industry. And it looks like those buys will happen sooner rather than later. Tomorrow, the association is rolling out just such a newspaper advertisement, which promotes the economic and health benefits of farmed salmon. The following is a complete advanced copy of the text of that ad.

salmon farmers

Growing sustainable and healthy food


In the resource industries which sustain British Columbia's coastal communities, environmental sustainability is a day-to-day necessity. Salmon farmers are committed to the environment and take specific measures to ensure the environment where we raise our salmon is protected.

* Salmon farming is the most strictly regulated agricultural industry in the province.

* From learning more about potential interaction between farmed and wild salmon to the study of alternative protein sources for our fish and the continual testing of new animal health products, research is an important part of growing healthy fish.


Six thousand men and women are supported by salmon farming in British Columbia, contributing $800 million each year to the economy of our Province. These jobs provide good wages and most importantly, full time year round employment. This means a bright future for families in BC's coastal communities.

* Salmon farming is BC's largest agricultural export, accounting for approximately $450 million in export sales in 2005.

* Salmon farming provides rewarding career opportunities that make it possible to live and work in coastal British Columbia.

* Career opportunities include fish health technicians, veterinarians, environmental specialists and more, giving young people the choice to work in a rewarding career close to home.


Health Canada recommends two to three portions of fish per week, with at least one portion being an oily fish like salmon.Diets that are high in fish have been linked to reduced risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

* The demand for healthy seafood is steadily increasing; the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization predict that within four years U.S. demand for seafood will grow by 30 - 50%.

* Fish farming is a sustainable way to meet that growing demand without endangering our wild salmon populations.

* B.C. farmed-raised salmon is an excellent choice for including beneficial Omega-3 in your diet and is naturally low in saturated fat.


Partnerships play an important role in our commitment to producing healthy sustainable food while caring for the environment in which we work. As salmon farmers we embrace the knowledge and expertise that we gain through our many connections with our coastal communities.

* Salmon farmers in British Columbia welcome these partnerships and the management of resources in a way that respects First Nation "˜s traditions and values.

* As a result of being involved in aquaculture development in British Columbia, there are individual First Nation communities that have reduced their unemployment rate by up to 50%.

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Good luck with that. You couldn't pay me to ingest that toxic waste. Apparently, I'm not alone on this issue, either.

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