A fish eye for a fish eye?

This past Friday, a group of British Columbian businesses took out a full-page advertisement in The Globe and Mail urging the provincial government to "remove fish farms from Broughton and Discovery Island wild salmon migration routes and halt their spread to the north coast." And it looks like the aquaculture industry will be responding that advertisements in kind. In an interview with Public Eye, British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association acting executive director Odd Grydeland, "We had a meeting yesterday morning about the (advertisement) and discussing what we should be doing if anything. And there we will basically be taking a multi-pronged approach to it. What we have decided to do is try to make contact with some of the people who were signatories to that ad. They're obviously concerned about potential interaction between ouir farms and the water resources they rely on. So we obviously just want to establish better communications with them. In addition to that, we will also be doing some (paid) media work as well both with radio - which we have had going for a while - and also with some newspaper information that we will be providing over the next few months."

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