A parked candidate?

The proposed riding of Vancouver-West End should be a sure win for the provincial New Democrats. And that means there's already much discussion about who's going to run for that party nomination in that constituency. Earlier we reported, Save St. Paul's Hospital Coalition chair Aaron Jasper is considering making a bid. And, now, in an interview with Public Eye, parks board member Spencer Herbert has said he may also put his name on the ballot. Said Mr. Herbert, "It's certainly a possibility. Right now we're, I guess, a year away from the next civic election and a little more away from the next provincial. So there's some time. I have had people approach me with the idea. You know, I've also been approached about running for council or whether I continue at park board."

"I've got a lot of interest in some of the provincial issues," continued Mr. Herbert, citing arts funding, as well as the environment and homelessness. "But it's too early to say. I think I'm going to talk to a number of people out in the community and see what they have to say" before making a decision about running "sometime in the next couple months."


Two great candidates, they both have done excellent work...but yet again, 2 white guys battling it out...have I seen this before? Oh wait, it's practically the entire Canadian political system! With Spencer being young and queer, as well as coming up with progressive ideas for the city, (unlike Mayencourt whose got his head up his ass) there might be at least some representation in the political world, not to mention the heat he would cause for the Liberals. Go Spencer Go!!

I think spence Herbert would be a great candidate. He's very informed and could be a very important future leader. Go Spencer go!

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