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"The report that pathological gamblers are almost four times more likely than the average Canadian to try to kill themselves is just the latest piece of evidence that the province has no business in the gaming industry." This, according to the Times Colonist's editorial page, citing a study published in the September issue of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. But it seems, despite that evidence, that the British Columbia Lotteries Corp. is continuing to promote the industry via its controversial gold card program. The latest initiative: documents posted on BC Bid earlier this month indicate card users will soon be given a chance to win "one-of-a kind experiences that the average person cannot obtain: events that target all of the Prize Winners senses and create a lasting brand memory (i.e. tickets to the Grammy Awards or the Toronto Film Festival with backstage passes to the after party)." Casino goers will be entered into such contests each day they use their gold card. The following is a complete copy of the relevant portion of the request for proposal seeking a provider for such experiences.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is a Crown Corporation incorporated on October 25, 1984, and is continued under the Gaming Control Act (2002) of British Columbia. BCLC is the agent of government mandated to conduct and manage commercial gaming in British Columbia. Under current provincial gaming legislation, BCLC has these responsibilities:
* Conduct, manage and operate lottery gaming, including the marketing of
nationwide and regional lottery games in association with other provinces in Canada.
* Conduct, manage and operate casino gaming.
* Conduct, manage and operate electronic and commercial bingo.

The mission of BCLC is to offer responsible gaming entertainment, generating income for the public good.

BCLC's goals are:
* To provide outstanding gaming entertainment, generating net income for the
public good
* To be a respected organization that has a broad base of public support.
* To have a workforce passionately driving the success of our business.
BCLC's values are:
* Integrity: the games that we offer and the ways we conduct business are fair, honest and trustworthy.
* Social Responsibility: Everything we do is done with consideration of its impact on the people and communities of British Columbia.
* Respect: Our workplace fosters openness, mutual respect and individual

British Columbia Lottery Corporation ("BCLC") is the Crown Corporation that conducts and manages commercial gaming in British Columbia in accordance with the Gaming Control Act (BC) and the Criminal Code. B.C. Lottotech International Inc. ("BCLII") is a wholly owned subsidiary of BCLC. If this RFP is issued by BCLII, references to BCLC throughout are deemed to be references to BCLII.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (the "RFP") is to select and establish, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this RFP; a list of pre-qualified vendors ("Pre-Qualification Roster") for future BCLC casino experiential prizing services. It will also solicit actual experiential prizing options for BCLC's consideration for their 2008 casino promotion that is expected to start approximately June 2008.

BCLC reserves the right to utilize the Pre-Qualification Roster, at their sole discretion, for any future BCLC lottery and bingo gaming experiential prizing requirements.

The Casino Marketing department is responsible for several casino initiatives including, but not limited to, player relations, tourism, hospitality and promotion. The focus for this RFP is for the promotion initiatives. Typically in past promotions, BCLC has provided cars,
cruises, cash and trips to casino winners and/or players ("Prize Winners"). For future promotions, BCLC is looking to provide unique prizing. This includes one-of-a kind experiences that the average person cannot obtain: events that target all of the Prize Winners senses and create a lasting brand memory (i.e. tickets to the Grammy Awards or
the Toronto Film Festival with backstage passes to the after party), hereinafter referred to as ("Experiential Prizing").

Vendors responding to this RFP need to ensure that they, as well as the sub-contractors they may engage to provide the services described herein, are able to be associated with a corporation that conducts and manages gaming.

Qualified vendors that demonstrate the ability to meet the requirements identified in the RFP will be included on the Pre-Qualification Roster for a period of up to three (3) years, with an option to extend on an annual basis by BCLC for a total period not to exceed five (5) years, at BCLC's sole discretion.

Conditional to being included on the Pre-Qualification Roster, vendor(s) will have entered into a non-exclusive Master Agreement with BCLC that states the terms and conditions of the business relationship. In the event BCLC engages a vendor to provide Experiential Prizing, each individual Experiential Prizing option selected will be executed by way of a Statement of Work (SOW) and/or a BCLC Purchase Order, which will set out the specifics of the Experiential Prizing. The Master Agreement will govern such SOW and/or BCLC Purchase Order.

The Pre-Qualification Roster will be utilized as required, at BCLC's sole discretion, to meet BCLC's Casino Experiential Prizing needs. Vendors may be selected depending on the specialization of the required future Experiential Prizing and the expertise of the individual vendor(s). BCLC does not guarantee business or make any guarantee of the value or volume of work that may be assigned to any vendor that has qualified for the
Pre-Qualification Roster. BCLC also reserves the right to utilize the provision of Casino Experiential Prizing services from vendors that are not on the Pre-Qualification Roster.

At BCLC's sole discretion, BCLC may choose a vendor(s), for any future promotion(s) by: a) directly engaging a vendor from the Pre-Qualification Roster based on their qualifications, without consideration to any other vendor that may or may not have such qualifications; RFP 0708-070919 b) generating a competitive bid process that may or may not include vendors on the Pre-Qualification Roster; c) issuing a purchase order; or d) executing a SOW.

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The BCLC denial is so very sad. They still have "true believers" that believe the corp is merely offering "another alternative for your entertainment dollar". I suppose the slogan works with drug dealers and private liquor vendors as well.

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