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Earlier, we exclusively reported on the provincial education ministry's job search for a research analyst with some very particular qualifications - specificially, a "Bachelors degree in a related discipline and two years related experience (Julie does not have 2 yrs yet)." So what does merit commissioner Joy Illington make of the matter? "I did talk to Emery Dosdall - the deputy - about this. And I received his explanation. And I'm pretty satisified (the position description) hasn't been written for one person," Ms. Illington stated. "And I won't be looking into this any further."


Well, then like what's the problem?

So what happened to Julie?

Sounds like they were making sure Julie didn't get this job. Sounds like "Julie doesn't have 2 years, but she has grounds for a grievance." Maybe that's what it should have said in the posting.

job postings have been pretty much fixed for the past several years ... a favourite technique is to appoint someone temporarily so they can gain experience before posting the permanent position ... then guess who is best qualified???

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