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In 2001, the provincial Liberals promised to "restore a professional, non-partisan public service founded strictly on merit." But six years later, questions remains as to whether all "staffing decisions are based on fair and equitable treatment of all applicants." To wit, last week, the education ministry announced it was looking for a new research analyst with some very specific qualifications.

According to the position description, which was posted on Wednesday, a successful applicant will have a "Bachelors degree in a related discipline and two years related experience (Julie does not have 2 yrs yet); or a Master's degree and one year of related experience; or an equivalent combination of related experience, education and/or training." Yes, you read that right. "Julie does not have 2 yrs yet." Whatever could that mean?

Asked for comment, education ministry media relations and issues management manager Lara Perzoff delivered the following written statement: "The posting in question was published on the B.C. Public Service's website containing an error. The error was noticed shortly after publication and the posting was immediately removed from the website. Ministry staff are following up on the matter. Every competition held in the B.C. Public Service is fair and open, and all hiring at the Ministry of Education is done based on merit. The Merit Commissioner ensures that all competitions in the B.C. Public Service are conducted in a fair and open manner."


Position Description
Ministry of Education

Position Title: Research Analyst, Surveys and
Data Exchange
Division: Information Department
Position Number: 34194
Unit (e.g. Region): Surveys and Data Exchange Unit
Location: Victoria
Supervisor's Title: Manager, Surveys and Data Exchange
Position Number: 33990
Supervisor's Classif: RO-N27
Phone Number: 356-0275

Bachelors degree in a related discipline and two years related experience(Julie does not have 2 yrs yet); or a Master's degree and one year of related experience; or an equivalent combination of related experience, education and/or training.
Two years experience in the following: (2 yrs)
* Data collection and use of databases and data management, including gathering, synthesizing, evaluating, reporting and interpreting data and information from diverse sources
* A public or private sector data, quantitative analysis and information reporting role or other area related to Survey
* Leading or supporting a diversity of projects, following accepted project management techniques
* Contributing to the development of policy, procedures, and corporate data or information management practices
* Knowledge of, and expertise in, the use of current data and reporting tools and software (i.e. MS Project, MS Visio, SPSS, SQL, Hyperion, Access, Oracle, etc.) in order to understand the technical feasibility of data linking projects and to provide support to ministry staff and school personnel who require assistance
* Knowledge of project management methodology and techniques
* Knowledge of data warehousing
* Knowledge of Intranet and Internet tools, systems and processes
* Knowledge of data administration and best practices with data quality and integration
* Analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to provide advice in the implementation of solutions to teams, internal staff, and external stakeholders
* Ability to provide leadership and supervision to team members and consultants
* Demonstrated competency in written and oral communications, including delivering presentations to management and external partners (e.g., school districts)
* Ability to work as a member of a larger research team in a matrix management structure


Looks like Julie's going to be a tad upset since someone must have told her by now..

Someone slipped up and didn't bother to check and double check before pressing the "send" button.

Hi Sean,

If you think that there is a fair process for hiring, think again. You need to look at some/any of the other postings. You will see a new clause - "Qualified applicants may be placed in a cross government inventory for future consideration in similar positions in both Union and Non-Union environments, Lesser qualified applicants may be appointed at a lower level."

There has been no talk about:
1) how the eligibility list will be used,
2) how these lists will be maintained,
3) how is a match determined? Is it just a pay grid level match or what?
4) how can th4e staff update the list with their new competences
5) do all staff have to apply for all jobs now, since it appears that the quick track to hiring is to draw down from an eligibility list rather than to go through a hiring competition.

There has always been ways to work the system to get the person you wanted. Now it appears that the government is completely giving up any pretense of a fair hiring system based upon merit.

I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Julie, it appears that you do not understand what a perceived conflict of interest. If a job posting is tailored to fit an existing person qualifications then it is not a fair process and the manager is in a conflict of interest - how do they know that there isn't someone equally or better qualified waiting to apply. The posting from the Ministry of Education states that a bachelors degree and 2 years experience is required and that they have a person named Julie that doesn't met the 2 years requirement.

The perception is that a person named Julie is doing the job and possibly being groomed to do the job and the competition process is just a waste of time for any one else, since there would have been an interview with scores kept and other people applying.

The last part of the fuss is any sort of after the fact review would show that this competition had be run in a fair manner with scores award for questions and scores kept about about all the people that applied with a winner being choosen, who just happened to be named Julie. No relation to you Julie.

tiredstaff, the Julie comment was a joke, tune up your sarcasm detector.

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