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Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James has taken a drumming in the newspapers for her decision to oppose the Gateway Program. For example, take this recent letter to the editor, published in Tuesday's edition of the Vancouver Sun : "Intriguing, isn't it? For years there has been a public clamour about how long it takes to commute in Metro Vancouver. The New Democratic Party provincial government didn't look after the situation 15 years ago when the population began to increase. Everyone else was aware of it. Builders provided housing; city councils provided infrastructure; community groups provided support. It must have caught the NDP off-guard because no one realized that these same people would need to get around. So, now the current Liberal government is addressing the problem, but NDP leader Carole James opposes the Gateway Project. Does she not understand that without roads and bridges there is no public transit?" Of course, what's also intriguing is the fact the letter writer is Ann Mayo, who wasn't identified as Burnaby-Willingdon Liberal legislator John Nuraney's former constituency assistant.

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So what?

A **former** assistant? Research the background of most letter writers and they have a past or present interest in something.

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