Tilling the soil?

Saskatchewan organic farmer and anti-free trade activist David Orchard says he's been approached about running for a federal Liberal nomination in British Columbia. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Orchard, who twice ran for the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives, explained, "I've given all the various different invitations consideration. And that's probably about as far as I can go at this moment."

But, he noted, "In British Columbia, during both my leadership runs, I had more votes than any of the other candidates. We already had a wonderful base of support for British Columbia - in part because of environmental issues but also because of sovereignty issues."

Mr. Orchard, who endorsed Stephane Dion during the recent Liberal leadership race, declined to say where he was considering running in British Columbia. Although rumour has it Burnaby-New Westminster is one possibility.


I seem to recall Greater Victoria being a hotbed for Orchardista sentiment back when he was in the PC Party. With solid Lib candidates in E-JdF and S-GI, I guess the only option there would involve evicting David Mulroney, n'est-ce pas? I guess that explains the Lower Mainland being on the board.

The weird thing is that I think the fedlibs might stand a better-than-average chance in some parts of Orchard's native Saskatchewan next time out. They've been very good at owning the Wheat Board issue, Harper is tainted because of both that and the resource royalties fracas, the NDP brand is in the toilet thanks to the provincial gov't, and Ralph Goodale has been reestablished as squeaky-clean. Can't they find a slot for him in one of the striking-distance Saskatoon seats or something?

Isn't this the same David Orchard who campaigned endlessly against the FTA and NAFTA? Who wrote a book about Canada's history of resisting absorption into the U.S.? Isn't that the same FTA that the Liberals promised to abolish when they got elected in 1992? Aren't those the same Liberals who, instead of withdrawing from the FTA, signed NAFTA, with provisions that not even Mexico would agree to? How would Mr. Orchard rationalize joining this team?

TAN, you are behind an election or two ... David Mulroney isn't running this time so there is nothing to "evict" him from.

And jdean, I guess Orchard would rationalize it the same way Conservatives rationalize their bold-face turn around on taxing income trusts! Or the way they lied about not expelling members for voting their conscience. Or the way they promised to exclude resource revenue from equalization payments....

Would it too uncharitable, too harsh, too smart ass by half to suggest that you can get a pretty good idea of where Stephane Dion comes in by looking at the quality of his two major recruits, Elizabeth May and David Orchard?

Hey Budd, becareful about the themes of your so-called slams. Wouldn't want anyone to look too closely at the lineup of failed businessmen, whipped leadership rivals and potted ferns that inhabit the CON bench, now would we?

The alliance with Orchard was a precarious one, and does not reflect the ideology of Mr. Dion.

Orchard made the pragmatic choice to support Dion in the leadership race because he recognized that global climate change is the biggest issue facing Canadians today.

"Orchard made the pragmatic choice to support Dion in the leadership race because he recognized that global climate change is the biggest issue facing Canadians today."

The Globe and Mail used to have a humour item called The Smile of the Day. Is that what we have here?

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