Sending a S.O.S. to the world

File this story under the category of "Do you really want an answer to this question?" In the September 2007 edition of The Nanaimo New Democratic Party Bulletin, legislator Leonard Krog writes "Liberals friends prosper, the homeless huddle in the doorways of our communities, workers' rights are trampled, the environment gets lip service with no money and yet they are at fifty percent and we are at thirty two percent. Something is decidedly wrong in BC politics! We had a very good spring session in the legislature and I personally was proud of our Caucus and how it held the Libs to account. Clearly we need to do something different and I am asking all of you to deluge me with your thoughts in whatever form you choose." Hmmm...could that something different have anything to do with a certain party leader whose initials are C and J? Inquiring minds want to know!

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