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The capital city's political classes flocked to Saturday's speech by former American vice-president Al Gore. So it wasn't surprising the New Democrat's purchased a ten-seat table for that speech, located in the back-half of the Victoria Conference Centre's Carson Hall. But not all of the party's members were seated there. Malahat-Juan de Fuca legislator John Horgan was at the front of the room at Three Point Properties Ltd.'s table. Asked about that arrangement, Mr. Horgan "I have no responsibility for zoning or rezoning or land-use decisions in my constituency. I'm a provincial elected representative. (Three Point) invited me to hear a topic that I was interested in. I accepted. But, in an abundance of caution, I will be declaring it as a gift as I'm obliged to under the (Members') Conflict of Interest Act. But I have no decision-making powers that effect that company or any other company doing land development in my community." Three Point was one of the event's sponsors.

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So how much did that table cost the NDP? Did it come out of the Caucus budget, that is from taxpayers, or from the NDP party budget?

Admittedly, in a world of generous tax credits for political donations even political party's "own" resources are in fact largely the gift of the Crown, but there is still some distinction between Caucus research funds and political party funds.

And where did the money raised go? Did it all go to Al Gore, or did some of it stick to some local organizations? If so, which ones?

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