All hands on deck?

The provincial New Democrat's political fortunes have taken a turn for the worse, as of late. According to the most recent Mustel Research Group Ltd. poll, if an election were held tomorrow, just 32 percent of British Columbians would vote for the party compared with 50 percent for the Liberals. So you'd think the New Democrats would be pulling out all the stops to prepare for the upcoming legislative session. But you'd be wrong. Because it turns three of the opposition's caucus staffers - including senior communications officer Rich Overgaard - have been granted a leave of absence to work on the New Democrat election campaign in, er, Ontario.

Asked for comment, senior communications advisor Jim Rutkowski said, "We've got a great team, as you know, of energetic young people who are burning the midnight oil getting prepared for the session. That session is in two weeks. And we'll be ready." Also working on the Ontario campaign - where the New Democrats are presently polling at 18 percent in a three party race - are caucus communications officer Tim Renneberg and research officer Adrienne Smith.


I'm sure they will do for Ontario what they have done for the BC NDP.

There's nothing new in the BC Party's lending a hand to its cousins in Ontario. Provincial NDP sections always help each other out during provincial election campaigns and in key federal byelections.

Whatever else may be said about the NDP, it is and always has been a national party. That's one of its great strengths in a country rent by provincial parochialism.

Whatever price the BC Caucus may have to pay in the Fall session of the Legislature will be more than repaid by the Ontario NDP in the next BC provincial election.

Actually, was very surprised to read today that Golden mayor and former NDP MLA (1991 - 2001) for the riding is now a card carying member of the Liberal party.

These things happen within all parties.. but still

Are you refering to Jim Doyle, Bob? Where did you read this?

Budd - here's the story for you

Long time New Democrat shows up at UBCM a Liberal.
Sep, 27 2007 - 12:50 PM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - A former NDP cabinet minister has jumped to the Liberals.

Golden mayor Jim Doyle served from 1991 to 2001 as a New Democrat MLA, but he arrived at the ubcm convention as a card-carrying member of the BC Liberal party.

Doyle told the Victoria Times colonist he switched his allegiance about 10 days ago because he found himself agreeing with the Campbell government on many issues.

He also said the NDP's poor handling of the Tsawwassen treaty left him disenchanted.

He also said the NDP's poor handling of the Tsawwassen treaty left him disenchanted.

That's a bit weird. The NDP is supporting that Treaty and so is the Liberal Party he is now joining!

Well, Jimmy was never the brightest bulb in the... er... bulb box... which makes me wonder why it is he opposes Carole's leadership. Didn't he initially support Carole?

Besides, if you've hung on this long in the party, you might as well hang on a little bit longer until Carole is ousted.

Jim is the Mayor of Golden. He has been lobbying for years to get the Kicking Horse upgraded. Supporting the Libs makes good tactical sense if he doesn't see any hope of the NDP winning in the near future. Think what you want but he can clearly read the polls and probably won't still be Mayor when the government finally changes. Pragmatic move. Give him that at least. The NDP have bigger problems than this.

I agree with Brad that the Kicking Horse upgrades that were very well received in Golden are likely a big part of the reason why Jim Doyle not only switched parties, but did so publicly to further humiliate Carole James and the NDP.

This is what makes her opposition to the Port Mann expansion all that more absurd. Busses cannot fly over the Port Mann, and until the expansion they certain cannot drive over either. Not to mention she just made a fool out of Harry Baines who only just a week ago was on record supporting the expansion.

I wonder how far the NDP is prepared to sink before they put an end to the Carole James inflicted misery.

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