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Three New Democrat constituency associations will be setting a cat among the pigeons at this weekend's provincial council meeting. In this case, the cat is an emergency resolution requesting party leader Carole James "and the BC NDP Official Opposition Caucus hold a free vote in the BC Legislature on the issue of the Tsawwassen Treaty." Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows legislator Michael Sather was recently temporarily suspended from caucus "as a result of his decision to vote against the Tsawwassen Treaty when it comes to the Legislature this fall for a ratification vote." Ms. James has said the treaty will not be the subject of a free vote. Not surprisingly, Mr. Sather's constituency association is among those sponsoring the resolution. The following is a complete copy of that document.


Submitted by: Abbotsford-Clayburn
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
Standing Committee on Agriculture (SCOA)
West Vancouver-Capilano

WHEREAS the BC NDP has a long history of supporting and valuing First Nations treaty negotiations;

AND WHEREAS the BC NDP, as the founding Party of the Agricultural Land Reserve, values agriculture and those who farm those lands;

AND WHEREAS the BC NDP holds these two values as core values within the Party;

AND WHEREAS the Tsawwassen First Nations ratified the Tsawwassen First Nations Agreement ("Tsawwassen Treaty") negotiated with the BC Liberal and Federal Conservative Governments on July 25, 2007;

AND WHEREAS the Tsawwassen Treaty calls for the removal of 511 acres from the Agricultural Land Reserve for a use other than farming (a shipping container parking lot);

AND WHEREAS the Tsawwassen Treaty has brought the BC NDP to a difficult divergence of values;

AND WHEREAS support for treaty negotiations and agriculture are of equal importance to members of the New Democrat Party of British Columbia;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the BC NDP Provincial Council requests that the Leader of the Provincial NDP and the BC NDP Official Opposition Caucus hold a free vote in the BC Legislature on the issue of the Tsawwassen Treaty.


Disa meeting ofa da provincial council is going to be mooey mooey bombad.

Weesa dyin heere...

A bit wordy, but a good idea. I hope it passes.

I almost feel bad for Carole James and the NDP. Their dirty laundry is everywhere these days.

We too hope it passes. But either way it goes it does show non party members that folks in the party actually believe the party principals developed over time, that the party policies shouldn't be dropped when it's convenient for some of the folks to do so. Those party memebers work their buns off to get party members elected and really don't like to be left out of the loop.
Right now a lot of party members seem angree that they the members are being ignored.

"A bit wordy, but a good idea. I hope it passes."

NDP resolutions have always been notoriously wordy.

The NDP seems to want to pass 'Emergency Resolutions' on just about anything that makes one of them grip their hair.

if this passes, it doesn't mean a thing.

It's just huffing and heaving for the benfit of the Constituency Presidents.

"NDP resolutions have always been notoriously wordy."


Agreed Red Dog, constituency associations resolutions are a waste of time. It’s no different in the Liberal party either. I have been to countless BC Liberal Conventions and watched debate on resolutions that get passed and go nowhere

The horse is out of the barn and now Provincial Council Delegates are going to further publicly humiliate the party in attempt to preserve core values. This will only serve to further inhibit this party's political competence in the eyes of those who view these things from afar.

Might have been helpful if the party's "deciders" actually involved Council and the plebes in some of the original decision making. Maybe then they could have fulfilled their obligation as an opposition party and opposed aspects of the treaty that concerned the parties core.

This weekends delegates should spend the time they intend to debate the TFN treaty in workshops on political effectiveness instead.

We elected the largest opposition in the Province's history and were a mere few thousand votes away from forming government. Instead of behaving like a government-in-waiting while shining the light on the corruption and malfeasance of the corporate Liberal regime this gang chose to publicly neuter themselves - repeatedly - while emulating an opposition in disarray.

This weekend's Council gathering could be an opportunity for renewal with a focused resolve to regain public confidence but instead the delegates will be busy rehashing their party's political incompetence in a bid to prop up their principles and salvage their values at the expense of political relevance.

This is a shameful time for this party and a sad time for British Columbia.

My God, CTV had a artilce around 5 PM today shwoing clips of James speaking to the folks. The subject was not teaties, By Monday we will alnow what did and didn't get voted eya or Nay, or what just couldn't manage to get on the floor. I hardly doubt the table committee will try to bury the Treaty arguments.

This is a desperate plea for decorum.

Toolittle Toolate posted:
"The horse is out of the barn and now Provincial Council Delegates are going to further publicly humiliate the party in attempt to preserve core values."

The resolution was DEFEATED as the provincial council delegates decided to back the caucus decision.

Great News!

Now the issue has gone away - I will sleep much better now.

Kegler, I don't know if you might be keglerdave from, but in any case thanks for the news item.

I wonder, though, if the emergency resolution was actually voted down, or simply ruled out of order on some procedural grounds?

In any case, what NDPers don't seem to grasp is that this issue will not and cannot go away, because it's an actual issue, a stark collision of core values on a real policy matter, and a serious question around procedure in the House. What the party needs to do out of this unfortunate episode is to grow up and learn to do some intelligent communicating, something the silly-bugger Roberts Rules of Order approach not only does not facilitate, but in fact prevents.

This should have been a free vote, and there would have been no problem if ten or so NDP MLAs had voted against this Treaty, saying we value treaties but cannot support one that includes an arbitary ALR exclusion. The rest of the Caucus and Carole James should have realized that, and they would have if they had foreseen this eventuality. But they just didn't think it would come to this because they couldn't hear, they wouldn't listen to how serious a matter this was for at least one of their members. That's a simple communications failure, but one that carries an excruciatingly high price. And if nothing is learned from it, that would make an unfortunate episode an even greater loss.

It's the same problem the Federal NDP got into over gay marriage. The end result of strict discipline there was that the NDP lost the seat in Churchill to the Liberals, ... and guess what? All the Liberal-friendly urbanista-sophisticate types in the Vancouver and Toronto NDP are just fine with that, a price worth paying according to them. Well, that's just not how I count on my fingers.

Defeated, that's great now we can all go back to sleep, just like RT suggests.

The debate was meaningless. Of course the whip remains and the Liberal tom foolery of a free vote was likely dismissed as the stunt it was. PC has never turned over the work of the "deciders."

I suppose the rest of PC was spent reconstructing electoral boundaries, of which the parties deliberations will have no impact.

Or no wait I forgot. Delegates probably spent an inordinate amount of time adopting some elaborate scheme designed to "put more women in politics," based on how many female angels can dance on the head of a pin with fiddles while Rome burns.....

Or maybe there were workshops 'on the road to 2013?'

Wow! 90 to 6, according to Palmer. And each constituency entitled to a vote, so you can hardly say it was carried by appointed executive, union or caucus members. Smells like democracy. And has given us a good sense of Budd's colours. "First gay marriage, now treaties?!" And everyone told me I was the despicable electoral pragmatist.

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