Preserving golf green space

Earlier, we noted the University of British Columbia Golf Course would be hosting the provincial Liberal's annual Leader's Open Golf Tournament. This being the same venue the provincial government is expected to cede to the Musqueam First Nation. Asked for comment, Save the UBC Golf Course organizer Bob Hindmarch said, "I think it's ironic that they want to take away golf course and now they're going to use it. And it's the very thing we've been telling an awful lot of people. That golf course is used a great deal by charities to raise money for not just this side of the city but the whole city."


I'm surprised there's been no suggestions anywhere in the media that the "Save the UBC Golf Course" folks are playing some kind of game (no pun intended). With Zlotnick organizing it, I would imagine it has something to do with building up Campbell's image as the guy who got religion about aboriginal rights, much like the Potemkin village that is the Tsawwassen treaty.

There's just something too cute by half about this group of people rallying to save a West Side golf course. I'm sure some of them are sincere, just like the person who made that "creme de la creme" comment a few years back at the CPR rail corridor meeting. But they're being played, as are the rest of us.

Here's the solution: save the course and give the Musqueam the UEL, Hampton Place, and/or Hawthorn Place. It's already developed and it's public land...

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