Wonder Boy still source of wonderment

Interim provincial Green leader Christopher Ian Bennett seems to have come down with a case of foot-in-mouth disease. Earlier this year, he suggested the party should reverse its policy against accepting corporate donations. And, just last week, he sang the praises of Premier Gordon Campbell to The Georgia Straight's Carlito Pablo. All of which doesn't sit well with leadership crandidate Ben West.

Speaking with Public Eye, Mr. West said, "I've become increasingly concerned with Chris Bennett's comments - which I think have been harmful to the party and the province. Though I respect his passion, I've become increasingly concerned with his analysis. I don't think we should be giving thanks to the Liberals for lip service. The real credit should go to the voters for pushing a climate change denying government to make statements that make it sound like they support environmental issues and environmental concerns. I've decided I need to make it my job to stand up for the values of the party. And, unfortunately, that's become more and more of a pressing issue as Chris Bennett continues to make these comments."


This goes to show how far the Green Party Leadership has gone off the rails if they really believe the Campbell Liberals have any meaningful interest in the environment.
Even the most casual review of the Liberal record since 2001 shows they have in fact cut staff and services in key environmental sectors! What other cuts made by Campbell to vital public services services does the Green Party support?

"This goes to show how far the Green Party Leadership has gone off the rails ... "

Is this a dig at Elizabeth May?

I wonder, how does her mentor and patron, Dr David Suzuki, rate her performance so far? And while we're on the subject of Dr Suzuki, what is his organization's position on the Tsawwassen Treaty and it's exlusion of 200 hectares of farmland from the ALR?

Bennett's the best thing to happen to this party in a long time. If he's so bad for the Party, why on earth is the party enjoying record support in the polls, to date? Ben West needs to show some respect, he's about to find out what it's really like as leader, I would imagine.

Am I missing something? The guy is the first credible green i've ever seen speak. I would actually vote for this kid, and I hate the Green Party! Why such a hate-on Sean?


Fact is most NDP’ers figure that the Green Party is taking votes that they should be entitled too. Thus they like to pick on Green candidates. Young Mr.Bennett is figuring out fairly quickly how to raise his profile and has made more of a name for himself in the past few months than most backbench NDP’ers have. Yet another reason why the NDP and supporters don’t like him; and of course the part where he has good things to say about Premier Campbell too.

I agree with the other comments. Bennett has totally changed the nature of the Greens. I cannot recall any interviews with Adrian Carr, on any topic, she had nothing to say and between elections the Greens were meaningless. My congratulations to Bennett and the NDP will have to watch out for him going forward, he is their worse nightmare -> a realistic, honest Green leader

When will greens wake up and smell the coffee? They have one shot at being taken seriously by the electorate, and they're too busy attacking their own leader to see it. It's a shame West made those comments, especially when it's the first time they've had a leader that can get them to UBCM. He's a bit of a frat boy, but he seems to work. He's no Justin Trudeau, but he'll do.

" ... and of course the part where he has good things to say about Premier Campbell too."

Kevin! I see you noticed that part! Are you going to buy him a Premier-sized martini as a reward for his flattering commentary?

Chris Bennett is such a great leader that he can get friends to come on this site and praise him! I'd vote for him.

I tend to agree with West that political party should, you know, take care to represent the views of their members. Wonder Boy's doing a pretty horrible job of doing that.

Bennett is a Wonder Boy!
I wonder how he has built such strong and valuable political alliances in such a sort time...
I wonder why the polls have been so green lately...
I wonder why the greens are speaking at the UBCM for the first time...
I wonder why many conservative baby boomers are finally considering the Green Party as a viable option...
I wonder why Ben West wouldn't embrace this progress and run with the momentum that Bennett has generated instead of creating a stagnant turmoil within the party...

Who cares, is this even a story? The Greens will have a new leader in a month. West should just shut up and play nice. I hardly think Bennett has enough power to actually 'harm' his party during an interim term. Then his party can go back to sucking, and not winning any seats.

Looks like the Liberal communication team is still hard at work.

Wow, sounds like people are searching really hard to find a fault with someone that intimidates them. Sounds like people are GREEN with envy! Christopher gives praise where it is due....we're all Canadian in the end, regardless of your party. A better Canada should be the focus at election times.

I don’t know young Mr.Bennett, however long before his recent ‘Strait interview and resulting praise of the Premier, I heard him on CKNW, back in late July as I recall. In particular he fielded a question regarding European power sources compared to those in North American. I though he fielded the question very well, and on the whole was a class act. I agree with some of the other comments here; he is doing a good job raising the profile of the green party in a credible way. The NDP and supporters of course can never say anything positive about anything or anyone, that much is always clear. They are always miserable about something.

Chris Bennett has personally made me vote Green. I know for a fact he has "upped" the awareness and support of the party in general. As the party has needed for decades, Mr. Bennett offers change, and a look at the platform with a broader view. It angers me when others within the same party knock someone down within the same party to try and make themselves look good...so VERY counterproductive. Since when does "thanking" another party mean you don't fully back your own platform?? This entire blog is idiotic to begin with. In politics diplomacy goes a long way Mr.West, and you can't even manage this within your own party. Start supporting one another and it will only benefit the Greens. Mr. Bennett, you are doing a great job...keep it up whether those with blinders like it or not!

While it seems Mr. Bennett does not need another post in his favor, I am so enraged with Mr. West that I have to add my two cents. What bothers me the most is that Mr. West has the audacity to criticize Mr. Bennett on one so called ”foot in mouth” incident. Why not try complimenting Mr. Bennett on the incredible progress he has made so far. It is my opinion and that of most people reading this blog that Mr. Bennett has done nothing but raise awareness for the Green Party of BC, got the Greens speaking at the UBCM, increased the parties support at the polls, fielded challenging questions live on CKNW radio and did a dam good job I might add. I haven’t heard Mr. West comment on that!
It is time that politician in this country start working together to better our nation than jockey for personal favour within our nation. Why shouldn’t greens “give thanks” to Campbell?
Before Bennett I voted green as a protest vote in the hopes that enough people would vote green to scare the “Big 3” into adopting a “greener” platform. It seems the Greens are defiantly scaring the NDP and stealing votes from them also! Thanks Mr. Bennett!
Maybe we won’t have to hope for the Liberals and Conservatives to adopt a “greener” platform anymore. Maybe Greens will be sitting in Victoria or Ottawa changing things for themselves! That is the vision that Mr. Bennett has created in my mind. If he was running for party leadership I know someone else who would be scared…Mr. West!?

Congrats Sean.
You seem to have struck a chord with your viewers. They care about the Green Party and more of them will vote Green in 2009.
Regarding your "foot in the mouth" comment.
Let's critique Chris Bennett's interim leadership performance:
-pushing for Green Party attendance at the UBCM
-getting the mayors of Vancouver & Whistler to support the Green Party attendance at the UBCM
-getting in the Globe most weeks talking about issues
-talking with expertise on CKNW
-helping organize 5 debates
-organizing an on line debate
-co-producing what will be our largest AGM ever
-meeting with the Premier and Minister of Environment to discuss policy
-as a result we've grown to 16% and the NDP has dropped about 10%
Gordon Campbell has set some bold environmental targets and the Green Party of BC's job is ensuring our province meets those targets. The Liberal Party does not have the expertise or the guts to upset their corporate funders and take the drastic action to cut GhG emissions.
The Green Party has the environmental and natural capitalism expertise and is not tied to large corporate donors who can not stomach change.
Sean, thanks for your interest in the Green Party.
Damian Kettlewell
Leadership Candidate, GPBC

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