Onward Christian soldiers

Back in June, Christian Coalition of Canada British Columbia executive director Len Remple organized a forum in Abbotsford to "help make parents and others aware of the implications of the Corren Settlement Agreement." That agreement has been a source of controversy amongst social conservatives, who are concerned the resulting social justice course could be used by some teachers to train "a small cadre of students...to exert a great influence in the school, for example in the area of the acceptance of homosexual behaviour as normal." But what was Minister of State for Intergovernmental Affairs John Van Dongen doing at that forum, you may wonder? In a statement emailed to Public Eye, Minister Van Dongen explained, "In my constituency there was a lot of misinformation circulating about the implications of the Correns Agreement. I attended the July 5 meeting to set the record straight on what it is and what it is not."

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