Gone fishing

In 2005, 660 votes meant the difference between a win for provincial New Democrat legislator Claire Trevena and a loss for incumbent legislator Rod Visser. And that marginal victory has some wondering who will run for the Liberals in North Island during the next election. One suggestion: constituency association president Barb Walker, who helped found the First Dollar Alliance. Asked whether she was interested in the nomination, Ms. Walker said, "I think it's awfully early for anybody to be entertaining the question myself. And what I would say about it is I hope a lot of people are considering it."

But has she given any personal consideration to the question? "Well, I think anybody who pays close attention to what's going on probably gives thought to these types of issues everytime an election comes up. I know I certainly gave thought to it in the last two. So, yeah, it would be fair to say I've given thought to it in this one too. But the most important thing is, for me, to participate. So I will be participating but, at what level, who knows." Ms. Walker's association made a splash at the Liberal's last biennial convention, distributing packages of farmed salmon in support of its salmon aquaculture resolution. The electoral boundaries commission is proposing to add Mount Waddington Regional District's Electoral Area A to the riding.


Someone has too much time on their hands?

Pestering a potential candidate in 2007 for possible running in an election that won't happen until May 2009, and the riding will be geographically different by then?

She's right way to early to scope potential candidates.

How many of those packets of farmed salmon ended up in the trash is what I'm wondering...

Remember the last NDP fund raiser where they got caught serving BC farmed salmon ? I noticed for this year’s fundraiser event they were very careful to point out that they are using wild salmon. I wonder where the wild salmon came from.

This does bring about an interesting

NDP MLA's...

Farmed or Wild?

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