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Last week, provincial New Democrat leader Carole James announced Maple-Ridge Pitt Meadows MLA Michael Sather had been suspended from caucus until "the conclusion of this year's fall sitting of the Legislature." But, despite the temporary nature of that suspension, it seems Mr. Sather's name has been stricken from the New Democrat's Website. The legislator is no longer listed on being a member of the "NDP team."


Odd there. He's listed as representing the NDP on his MLA's Legislature Assembly website the one
run by the government.

Guess Carole didn't go to the Speaker's Office and given them "The Look" that all men fear...

I tried his Ledg. email address and it got reurned. I then sent the message to another NPD MLa asking for it to be forwarded.Then copied to a politial columnist. It didn't get bounced. Open government maybe, but does the taxpayer have to be devious to contact a MLA who ran as a NDP member, got elected as a NDP Member then sent out of the class room to make the leader look strong. I did think that James big new advisory might be in the mix somewhere.

I don't agree with Sather's position on the Tsawassen treaty - and it follows that I'm not impressed with his break from caucus on the issue - but I do agree with his analysis of what's wrong with the political process and the NDP's leadership, and what the public wants out of its political representatives. His suspension has only strengthened his convictions, when it was intended to discipline him.

Carole James and the NDP caucus, and its advisors - though they have a lot of talent in the caucus - are risk-averse people who are playing a kind of retro politics created for world that no longer exists. It's time to grow up as a political party, or risk drifting into irrelevance.

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