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Earlier, we reported the firing of Victoria News editor Keith Norbury was connected, in part, to an advertiser complaint concerning a story about a cross-border car shopper. This, according to Vancouver Island News Group publisher Mark Warner. But, in a subsequent email interview with Public Eye over the weekend, Dave Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd. dealer principal Dave Wheaton added, "I never did complain about the article until I was asked (about it by a news group representative) and it was several days after it had run. My opinion was solicited and I gave it to them in an honest, straight-forward manner, in a meeting, at their request, in my office. They phoned me. I never called them." Asked for comment, news group vice-president Kirk Freeman said Mr. Norbury's firing "is an internal personnel issue. And what has transpired had nothing to do with Dave Wheaton." In an earlier interview, Mr. Wheaton also stated he hadn't and wouldn't pull any advertising with the news group as a result of the story.

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Nobody would ever buy that advertising money could possibly influence editorial content. Ever. Nobody. It would be a ridiculous assertion. It would never happen. Especially not car advertising. Here in Toronto for example, at Canada's largest newspaper, the Star, they run 80 pages of car advertising every Saturday, and no one would ever accuse the Toronto Star editors of being influenced in any way by that enormous advertising budget. So just back off, Mr. Holman.

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