The way the wind is blowing

Earlier, we reported the provincial government had issued 25 permits to Fred. Olsen Marine Renewables Ltd. allowing the company "to investigate the development" of tidal power projects at locations across British Columbia. In an interview with Public Eye, Natural Power Consultants Ltd. business manager Mark Rogers explained his company - which advises on wind energy projects - has been hired by the Fred. Olsen Group "to put together a porfolio of wave and tidal power sites in B.C."

"For the most part, the industry is pre-commercial," he explained. But "wind is now a mature business. And the next emerging technologies are going to be in wave and tidal. So, for us, it's a great interest. And our client is interested in being there when commercial technologies really hit the market." Mr. Rogers is also sits on the board of directors for Fred. Olsen Marine Renewables.

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