Stumbling toward ecstasy

Yesterday, the British Columbia Lottery Corp. announced it had reached a $603,362 severance agreement with its former president and chief executive officer Vic Poleschuk - who was fired three days after ombudsman Kim Carter revealed a significant "lack of scrutiny for the 99 per cent of the winning (lottery) tickets and 80 per cent of the prize money paid out for wins under $10,000." But Mr. Poleschuk isn't the first senior civil servant to hit the jackpot following a scandal. In the wake of the Doug Walls affair, children and family development deputy minister Chris Haynes was sacked and received $289,000 in severance and $233,000 in accumulated vacation pay. This, after an investigation by Public Eye revealed Mr. Walls had been put in charge of Community Living British Columbia even though senior staff were aware serious allegations of fraud had been made against the former Prince George car dealer. The investigation also revealed government wrote off a $484,939 bill owed by a consulting group run by Mr. Walls, Premier Gordon Campbell's cousin-in-law.


Geez, it is getting to the point where you don't even need to negotiate a salary with the Government any more. All you need to do is work a few months and hope that they fire you so that you can make all of your money on the "package".

I guess what it really comes down to is the fact that NO minister of the Campbell government has to be accountable for any of the screwups that they pull. When the Deloitte and Touche audit comes down for BCLC, just watch John Les start doing the Capital Two Step to hold on to his portfolio. Unfortunately the bar was greatly lowered when it came to ministerial accountability, the day that Gordo didn't step down as premier, and the people of this province re elected a man who in his term as premier was convicted of a criminal offense. That message I believe has resounded loud and clear with the Fiberals. In BC politics, you can do just about anything and there's no price to pay for it. Van Dongen tips off a fish farm of an impending inspection, wasn't forced to resign. Campbell gets busted in the Maui Owie, given a free pass.

Stan Hagen lets the convention centre costs sour above and beyond what the fast ferries cost the province, and no consequences for doing so. Of course, this is where the fiberal supporters go back to the "bad old 90s" argument. But the funnniest thing I've heard in the last while concerning the fiberals, comes from of all things, and advertisment for Christy Clark's soon to debut show on CKNW.

In it, she states, that in opposition, when the NDP wound up with a budget surplus, the opposition members would say, "you guys couldn't manage a popsicle stand." And yet, after recording the largest DEFICITS in BC history, we are supposed to believe that Carole Taylor and Gordon Campbell are the financial wunderkind of British Columbia, because we are now in surplus territory. Tell that to the people who are waiting in line for surgeries and health care.

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