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The ministry of labour and citizens' service has established a carbon neutral working group as part of the government's throne speech commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Orest Maslany, the green buildings manager for the ministry's accommodation and real estate services division, has been appointed the working group's corporate initiatives director. The following is a complete of the email announcing that appointment - and two others connected to the group.

Sent: Tue, August 21, 2007 12:03 PM
To: LCS All Staff
Subject: Carbon Neutral Government Staffing Announcement

This year's Throne Speech made some strong environmental commitments, one of which was for government to become "carbon neutral" by 2010. Our ministry has a leading role to play in this initiative because of our responsibility for some areas where ministries might look to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, such as the management of buildings, government vehicles, procurement and travel.

To further support government's mandate to be a carbon-neutral government by 2010, we have established a core group of employees within the Client Services Division to focus on this very important initiative.

Orest Maslany has accepted the position of Director, Corporate Initiatives. Orest's primary focus will be on co-ordinating the LCS role regarding government's commitment to carbon neutrality.

Orest brings a strong background in change management to this role, having held the positions of Director of ARES' Project Management Office and Manager of Green Buildings B.C. Orest's positive attitude and depth of experience in the field of sustainable solutions provide him the skills necessary to work with the various partners within LCS, and make this new government initiative a wonderful example of the value that our ministry brings to our clients and stakeholders.

Colleen Olague has accepted the position of administrator for the Carbon Neutral Working Group, and Sandra Tanaka will be the Project Manager for the Carbon Neutral Working group.

Colleen comes from Procurement and Supply Services, Common Business Services, where she held the position of Protocol Giftware Program Administrator, and was responsible for the purchasing, sales and marketing of Provincial Government giftware. In addition to her natural enthusiasm and organizational capabilities, Colleen brings a wealth of experience from the federal government and private sector to this position.

Sandra comes from our ministry's Project Management Centre of Excellence. With over 10 years experience in the provincial government, Sandra has worked in a number of ministries and in a variety of roles including researcher, policy analyst, manager, treasury board analyst, and project manager. Recently, Sandra was the project manager on another ministry initiative: the Healthier Choices in Vending Machines in BC Public Buildings.

Please join me in congratulating Orest, Colleen and Sandra as they assume their new responsibilities.
Other ministry representatives on the Carbon Neutral Working Group are: Michael Masson, ARES; Marilyn Redivo, WTS; Brian Bowman, WTS; Ron Colquhoun, WTS; Brian Sugrue, CBS; Duncan McLelland, CBS; and Jennifer Smyth, CPP. Members of the ministry executive will be involved on an ongoing basis.

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