Perry resigns!

David Perry, the chief of staff to provincial New Democrat leader Carole James, has resigned, Public Eye has learned. Mr. Perry will be replaced by caucus policy director Ian Reid. Mr. Reid recently made headlines for his controversial musings about The Vancouver Sun.


Who will Carole James's rivals in the NDPs lash out at now? I guess they will have to make up stories about Ian Reid.

What were the made-up stories about David Perry, Budd? I'm eager to hear them.
Not being a "rival" of Carole James, and not being an insider like some, all I could see from here is a very disappointing performance from the Opposition caucus the last 2+ years. The polls agree.
And why would rivals of James blame it all on Perry (rather than the leader herself)? To the contrary, I can imagine supporters of James attributing the Opposition's dismal performance to Perry to deflect blame from James.
Anyway, how about those stories?

The first poster has stated more thna once he is not a supporter or member of the provincial NDP. so where does he get off telling us who was or was not doing a good job for the Opposition. I know neither of the folks mentioned so can make no reasoned comment as to their accountability I leave it at that.

This is not hard to predict. She will stay. The NDP will get hammered to the tune of 14-18 seats. Much hand wringing will follow. She will quit. New leadership race. Same debate that never gets resolved - moderates versus back to the roots. regardless of who wins, people will get hired who have been making their living off the party forever. BC Grits stay until they become so arrogant that they self destruct. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

This is merely a cosmetic change -- replacing the monkey when you don't like the tune of the organ grinder. The fact is that Carole is invisible and has been vastly overshadowed by Adrian Dix these past two years. That's not David Perry's fault and a more pliable, servile chief of staff won't fix things. Now that Perry is gone, it's put up or shut up time for the "leader."

Ian Reid it is, eh?

Well, if he can do for Carole James what he did for Tim Stevenson and Vision Vancouver... oh yeah, they both lost... oh well, if he can do for the NDP what he did for VV, at least the NDP wil come in second in '09... not bad for a two horse race...

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