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Earlier, we reported Save St. Paul's Hospital Coalition chair Aaron Jasper is considering running for the provincial New Democrat nomination in Vancouver-Burrard or one of its successor ridings. But there's some who think Vision Vancouver councillor Heather Deal should also make a bid for that nomination. And what does Ms. Deal have to say about such talk? Well, in an interview with Public Eye, the councillor said readers shouldn't expect her to be lacing up her running shoes anytime soon. "During this phase of my life, I'm totally focused on staying on council, on building Vision and getting a majority back at city hall in Vancouver."

"I have not been asked (to run). But if I were to be - and I probably will be - I will be very clear. I would be deeply honoured to be asked. And someday I may make that decision to go to provincial politics," continued Ms. Deal. "But I have absolutely fallen in love with civic politics. The fact that you can be on the ground, talking to folks all the time, dealing with issues - you just feel so connected to the people that you're working with, even though it's the whole city instead of the riding. And I just, just love it. I love the fact I get to debate all the issues, all the time instead of being limited to what you talk about and where you talk about it."

That being said, Ms. Deal added, "I absolutely wish the NDP the best of luck in finding an excellent candidate. And I'm not saying never. I'm not even close to not saying never. I think there's a very strong chance at some point in my life that I will look that way. But, right now, I'm building a new party. And nothing is more important to me than getting Vision in the majority at city hall."

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Of course, she's the most effective communicator on council and along with Chow, has been the best Vision has had to offer.

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