Slip of the tongue equals slip in the polls?

The chattering classes gave Carole James a big, wet tongue-lashing last month. This, after the provincial New Democrat leader botched a news conference announcing her party's support for the controversial Tsawwassen First Nation treaty. But will that bungling have any impact on Ms. James's standing with the electorate? Well, we'll likely find out the answer next week when Mustel Research Ltd. is scehduled to release its latest public opinion numbers. The last such poll - conducted by Ipsos-Reid Corp. between June 8 and 13 - showed 54 percent of British Columbians approve of Ms. James's performance.


James "slip of the tongue" sure had an effect on my blood pressure. Does the women even know if ANY of her caucus support the Tsawwassen First Nation treaty, in it's present form? Only the one's in favour of taking land out of the ALR for container ports, perhaps? Maybe she should call a caucus meeting....I understand that there hasn't been one since her announcement. I also must conclude, that to be consistant in her support for Canada being able to import all the great Chinese merchandise, then gain extra business sending it all back when it doesn't meet our safety standards, it is necessary to route the South Permimeter Road through Burns Bog. It's time for a leadership review. This woman is clueless...maybe she should try talking to some of the people who actually live in Delta. She could start with the many of the First Nations who make no secret of the fact that they are going to take their money, and leave the area. Tswassen will not be a nice place to live.

KP, all your statements are completely false, as you well know. The decision to support the Tsawwassen Treaty was made by the Caucus, and whether there was a recorded vote or not, it would have been a majority decision. And as Doug McArthur put it last week, the apparent confusion and weak imaging around this issue is the fault of other majority decisions by the Caucus, trying to do to many things and ending up satisfying no one. It's not something Carole James dreamed up.

As you well know, there was not one single NDP MLA who was or is in favour of the ALR exclusion. But as you also well know, they had to make a simple yes or no decision on a treaty that included a clause none of them could support in isolation.

Your somewhat amusing comments about the routing of the SFPR tend to trivialize a serious issue. The route for this project needs to be re-examined to minimize impact on the bog and on households. But that kind of real issue is obviously not something that chat-board yahoos really care about. All they want to do is spread the disease of personality politics and endless leadership reviews.

"KP, all your statements are completely false, as you well know. The decision to support the Tsawwassen Treaty was made by the Caucus... It's not something Carole James dreamed up."

Sounds like typical James supporter spin. Thanks for the update, Budd/David.

Carole is the leader, you know. That means she should be a leader, at least once in a while.

Play That Funcky Music White Boy, if it's fair of you to suggest that I am a front for David Perry (I assume that's who you're refering to), then is it fair of me to suggest that you are a front for, ... who? Mike Farnworth? Corky Evans?

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