Inward bound?

Last month, Vision Vancouver councillor Tim Stevenson announced he pled guilty to a charge of driving under the influence, after keeping the incident secret for more than a year. As a result, many provincial New Democrats suspect he won't run again for the party nomination in Vancouver-Burrard or one of the constituency's successor ridings. Which begs the question, who will. Well, in an interview with Public Eye, Save St. Paul's Hospital Coalition chair Aaron Jasper confirmed he's been approached about stepping up to the starting line. "I have been asked by a few people if it's something I'd consider. But I haven't really sat down and given it a lot of thought."

Continued Mr. Jasper, a West End Residents Association director, "I definitely haven't closed the door to something like that. But, again, you know how these things are. You need to give it a lot of thought. My wife is very supportive if that's something I'd do...It's just a question of how does this fit into my life. Can I be more effective as a member of a caucus or an activist on the outside?"

It's expected the electoral boundaries commission will recommend redistributing Vancouver-Burrard - a change that would take effect during the next general election. But, if incumbent legislator Lorne Mayencourt resigns to run for the federal Conservatives prior to 2009, a by-election will take place using the riding's present boundaries.


So if Tim decides not to run because he was found to have downed around two bottles of beer and pled guilty , one must ask how is that our premier was caught driving on the wrong side of the road, spent a night in the drunk tank and had pictures of him goofily staring at a camera, and still be re-elected as Premier because he said he as sorry? seems to me that Tim should run again, will run again and can win again. Nobody should drink and drive for sure but some folks seem to be more honourable in stepping down for making a error in judgment. Go for it Tim.That is if you want the job.

Tim has had his chance and then some. As much as Gordon Campbell, he has shamed himself, his lovely partner and our party by his behaviour.

Remember his grandstanding against gaming under Harcourt only to champion gaming at City Hall?

It's time for Tim to move on. Perhaps get a job not on the public purse?

From the times I have met Aaron Jasper in relation to his St. Paul's advocacy he seems astute, bright and not a shameless self promoter.

As a long time member, I echo all those fellow Burrad Members I speak to who think Tim is yesterdays timbit.

All the power to you Aaron. You will do us proud in a race against Mr. Mayencourt. Unless of course Lorne runs for Stephen Harper. (ha!)

Might Svend Robinson be interested in a Vancouver-Burrard byelection if Maynecourt vacates the seat?

"Might Svend Robinson be interested in a Vancouver-Burrard byelection if Maynecourt vacates the seat?"

As far as I know, Svend lives in France now.

Aaron isn't to bad of a guy but the ugly nomination battle between Stevenson and Allison McDonald (whom Aaron supported), has quite a few Burrard New Dems with mixed feeling about him. I think even winning the nomination would prove to be difficult for him.

I doubt that Stevenson will be seeking the nomination again.

I think Aaron would be a great candidate - he's a tireless advocate for local causes - including but by no means limited to the St. Paul's issue - and also has a lot of experience within the party. We need a fresh face in Burrard.

Jasper's activism at the local level would make him a better candidate for city council than for MLA. Which isn't to say he wouldn't make a good provincial candidate -- I'd just like to see him running locally, especially if Stevenson decides not to run for council again next year.

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