Icing on the cake?

Last month, the Campbell administration appointed BC Hydro Corp. corporate affairs senior vice-president Susan Yurkovich to the University of British Columbia's board of governors. According to the biography provided by the government's board resourcing and development office, "prior to joining BC Hydro, she spent nearly 10 years at Canfor Corporation, where she was Vice-President, Corporate Affairs. From 1990 to 1993, Susan served as an advisor to the Federal Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the Minister of National Defense. Born and raised in British Columbia, Ms. Yurkovich holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Business Administration from the University of British Columbia, and a Diploma in International Business from Erasmus University, Netherlands. She is a Director of the VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation and the General Insurance OmbudService of Canada." Period. In other words, the fact Ms. Yurkovich was also a member of the provincial Liberal's central campaign committee is not an important part of her biography. Full stop.


But Sean, since it's hardly a qualification, ... it probably is irrelevant! As a connection, that's different!

So involvement in the political process excludes one from holding positions in the public sector?

No wonder apathy runs rampit. Involvement only leads to scorn of the jealous.

"I can tell you that the sooner we eliminate patronage in the province, the better off all of our public institutions are going to be."

Gordon Campbell
Legislative Assembly of BC
March 26th 1997

I must agree - I don't think one's activism need be included in bios of this nature. Ms. Yurkovich's connections to the Liberals are transparent for all too see, but they're not relevant in a professional bio.

However, the fact that she heads up Corporate Affairs at BC Hydro and now sits on the Board of Governors for UBC should tell your readers everything they need to know about the Liberals' complete politicization of both these - and many other - public organizations.

Perhaps one should take a look at the ICBC management lineup to assess why a large profit made by a public insurer is not being passed on to its customers - er, perhaps because the Liberals ideologically hate this highly successful public corporation, and want the public to hate it too, given that the company is financially successful and so "badly run socialistic publicly owned company" is off the table...

Susan Yurkovich has two degrees from UBC, has held senior executive positions in the private and public sectors, has board experience, and is barely 40. You go girl !

Straight from the bowels of the premier's office ladies and gentleman!

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