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Earlier, we reported on interim provincial Green leader Christopher Ian "Wonder Boy" Bennett's controversial suggestion his party should reverse its policy against accepting corporate donations. But at least one of those running in the race to replace him thinks that's a bad idea. Speaking with Public Eye, Ben West said, "It's fair to say that I don't think the Green Party needs to change its donation policy...Even the Conservative Party of Canada has changed the laws so no party in Canada can take donations federally from any entity other than an individual. And I think that should be the case in B.C. We're the only party in B.C. that's doing that right now. And I think the rest of them should too."

So does he think it's appropriate for Mr. Bennett to be making such suggestions, given the post he presently holds? "He's got a right to have an opinion. It's a posting on his blog. I think we're a party that doesn't muzzle people. His opinion is his opinion. But the policy of the party needs to be decided by the party membership," Mr. West responded.


That's what I like about the Green Party... you are allowed to put forward ideas and have some debate on them. Too often our elected officials try to find the least upsetting idea to the electorate instead of the best policy. All this generates is stale policy, unimaginative politics and poll watching "leaders".

Sure, Bennett is going to ruffle some feathers within the Party with this suggestion. At least members can have a discussion on the merits of the idea.

"If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." ~Albert Einstein

What I like about Bennett is that I cannot remember one thing Adrian Carr said or stood for outside of the writ period during her time as leader of the Green Party. Christopher has managed to get the BC Green Party some attention and people are talking about them as if they are a real party. No small achievement - he may be interim but he is looking more like a leader than Carr ever did - I would love to see this guy during a writ period.

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