Green love for corporate greenbacks!

Speaking on Public Eye Radio this past weekend, provincial Green leadership candidate Silvaine Zimmerman took a swipe at interim party grand poobah Christopher Ian "Wonder Boy" Bennett's media relations advice. Said Ms. Zimmerman, "I know he has said to us in the past that the way to get in the news is to say things that are controversial. And I think he's right about that. But I'm not sure if that is a really good strategy actually. Because it does create internal controversy." And, coincidentally, Mr. Bennett may have done just that in a posting on his blog at 6:00 this morning.

In the posting, Mr. Bennett writes "corporate sponsorship is great...Currently we have a party policy banning corporate donations, and I think it's a mistake. I see why it was originally created, but with so many fantastic new green companies looking for exposure and in-line with our own platform, it's a shame we can't work with them to press ahead."

Mr. Bennett goes on to prophetically state, "I can just see the angry emails coming now" before urging Greens not to "over-think this idea, or over-react. Consider it for just a moment: What if? Our party would be in a stronger financial position, and we could do some great things with those finances in preparation for the next election. Imagine the candidates we could support during the campaign? Don't picture some fat-cat in a suit lobbying their evil business interests, consider the idea of a company of like-minded principles allying themselves with us. Sponsorships offer some enormous potential to further and forward our platform and agenda. We should seriously consider it. If we're going to grow and win in the next election, we're going to need some help." Er...yeah. In more ways that one.

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With federal legislation now prohibiting business and labour donations, and similar rules in place in Manitoba and Quebec, Mr Bennett is leading the charge backwards in time.

BC needs to adopt the same individuals only basis for contributions to parties, and here the need is arguably more urgent and more profound that anywhere else in the nation. That same rule should be applied to local government and school board elections as well.

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