In the words of the Highlander...

Earlier, provincial Green leadership hopeful Silvaine Zimmerman proposed sharing the party's top job with fellow candidate Ben West. But it seems Mr. West doesn't support Ms. Zimmerman's co-leadership plan. In an email to Public Eye, the Green's former outreach coordinator writes, "It is up to the party to determine the structure of our party but personally I think we need to maintain a clear single leader structure." That being said, though, Mr. West welcomed Ms. Zimmerman's complimentary comments about his candidacy.

"I am happy to hear a Silvaine's kind words about me and my campaign," wrote Mr. West. "It is nice to have the support of a fellow candidate with a long history in the party. Her comments echo those of a number of prominent Greens that have stepped forward to publicly support my leadership campaign and, frankly, I think this speaks to my campaigns momentum."

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