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Remember the controversial independent commission to review MLA compensation? You know, the panel that recommended a 29 percent base salary increase and a generous defined benefit pension plan. Well, have you ever wondered how much commissioners Sue Paish, Sandra Robinson and Josiah Wood were paid to develop those recommendations? So have we. And here's the answer: according to the legislative assembly's recently released supplier payments for fiscal 2006-07, the government transferred $50,000 to each of them. The committee was given 90 days to complete its work.


Works out to an annual compensation of $200,000
if optimised for a monthly period of $16,660.

Nice work, and they didn't get the basic fundamentals right.

They should have compared MLA's salaries with MLA's salaries not private sector, since there is
no equivalent to an MLA in the private sector.

Nice work if you can get it. Collect facts which
are not exactly 100% correct, write a report,
send it in, and then cash out.

Not bad.

Obviously, when you are looking for the best and biggest you can get, why would you starve those tasked to deliver?

And it appears about right that the three each got so much for the short term gig because MLAs who accepted the overly rich increase took home increases the public sector can only dream of.

Wasn't the BCTF seeking that same 29 percent increase over a three year deal during the initial stages of the last dragged out contract dispute?

Of course for that the politicians had no time or money and now I see why.

All very educational if I might say so.

David Schreck writes today - July 23, 2007:

Oink Oink from the MLAs Again!

Less than 7 weeks after giving themselves an obscene pay raise, on the eve of municipal strikes, the government-controlled Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC) reinterpreted the compensation committee's recommendation so as to give most MLAs a further 10% pay raise on top of their $98,000 base salaries!

More here:

Each time I watched question period and some some of the junior cabinet ministers with fully inflated plummage I think fo those dollars. Similar thoughts of MLA's I can't even recognise. The way politicians seem to think they are important is to allow them to give themselves another raise. Indexed of course.
What a great way to build up a nest egg in a real hrry. they really should be ashamed and after reading Strategic Thoughs a ex NDP MLA I can see that a lof of folks propbrably have no idea about the latest bunch of dollars.I wonder if even some of the MLA's arn't too sure just how much lolly is involved Busy folks spending theri summer holidays giving themselves another raise.How can they sleep at night?

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