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Last year, the ministry of children and family development's leadership team went on a retreat at The Grand Okangan Resort and Conference Centre in Kelowna. And, according to meeting minutes obtained by Public Eye, the ministry made a transcript of the proceedings - which included discussions about everything from the "DM's accessibility" to the team's "roles and responsibilities." But the funny thing is, the government can't seem to find that transcript. In response to a subsequent freedom of information request for the document, the ministry's information, privacy and records services branch writes "an extensive search was made for the transcript that was mentioned in the October 2006 Leadership Retreat minutes. I regret to inform you that this transcript could not be located." Fancy that!


Gee, now I would really like to read about this. Fancy that, eh.

The reason for the "disappearance" of this document is likely the fact that decisions at mcfd change from one day to another depending on the mood of senior management. nothing is clear and nothing is consistent. that's the trip: keep everyone guessing, insecure, obedient and scared.

Well someone clearly had access to that missing transcript.

Someone isn't doing their job. Lets see... hmmm... who would that 'someone' be? Oh I know: the Ministry's information, privacy and records services branch!!!

I figured we were about due for one of your usual anti Leslie DuToit threads..what’s it been; three weeks ? It’s too bad your regular leak was not there with all of the details lest we could bring Dawn Steele out of the shadows as well. The joys of summer.

It really is a gong show.Would not be nice to read about all the collaboration in MCFD as they turn their backs on youth and families and pat themselves on the back, now would it? Lots of fine social workers but most are dissociated because of how distatesful the cost cutting agenda and lack of responsibility and credibility that they actually care about children and providing real services has forced them to buy into in order to collect a paycheck and benefits.Some may even tell you that things have never been so good! Good if you are a do nothing social worker that is...

Sean, I know that this may be hard for you to believe but the very sad fact of the matter is that they are likely telling the truth!

You go girl!!

Because as they say, "if you don't have a plan any plan will do"!!!

Larsen is an apologist for the Liberals. He and others are trotted out to attack the messenger whenever someone challenges his party or the flunkies hired by the Premier.

The Hughes report was clear about the revolving door issue at MCFD. How many individuals have now left the "Provincial Office" as Headquarters is now called in the spirit of 'change the name because that's really all we know how to do'. My count is in the range of 15 departures. That is a lot of departures and with these departures goes a lot of strength; a lot of knowledge and experience. But who cares about knowledge and experience when we can have Leslie du Toit?

The truth is that MCFD has been led into the worst quagmire ever. Meanwhile, lots of people outside of the ministry are making buckets of money through contracts that don't appear to produce anything; it is this issue that needs to be exposed to the tax payers of BC.

I figured we were about due for one of your usual anti Leslie DuToit threads..what’s it been; three weeks ?

It's funny you should say that, Kevin. How many hours has it been since your last anti union post?

My "take away message" from your post here is that Leslie Du Toit is one senior bureaucrat to which rank and file Liberals have a serious committment. You perceive criticism of Du Toit as a direct attack on the party itself, and you're there to defend her with the same readiness as you would Minister Christensen himself.

Sean, I think they don't want to release these details because they show how very unstable mcfd is at the top. The "roles and responsibiilities" have gone through endless permutations; new committees struck and then abandoned when it becomes obvious that they aren't working. Noone wants to acknowledge that little is working due to the lack of experienced and effective Leadership.

Actually Budd,

I am not looking to defend DuToit; I could really care less about how she composes an email and at what time of day she does so, or what her thoughts are on riding bikes to work and whatever else. I just feel that when it comes to this particular person; the Public Eye has become the National Enquirer. Next we will hear about what kind of shoes she buys.

Personally I think we make this particular Ministry too political, but that is just my take, and it has nothing to do with party politics.

Just remember Budd, people like me are not obsessed with the BC Liberals, we will support any government that can keep the NDP and the Big Unions from destroying this province as they almost did in the 90’s. Just look at what the BCGEU is doing to the good citizen’s of Nakusp as an example. Scum of the earth I say.

The fact of the matter is that MCFD has an impossible job. Those from the very top to the very bottom of the MCFD organization do their very best to do a job no one else cares to. Those of you who criticize the challenges of leading a difficult file such as MCFD have clearly never had to perform such a complex task.

Many of the sinister alegations made on this website, on this topic are simply absurd. Advocates will always complain and opposition will always contend they can do better. Instead of criticizing those who would do the job, how about congratulating them for their tireless efforts attempting to protect the children who have no one.

Hey, maybe we all want to know what kind of shoes the woman buys.It worked for the Finance Minister.

"... people like me are not obsessed with the BC Liberals, we will support any government that can keep the NDP and the Big Unions from destroying this province as they almost did in the 90’s."

So there we have the credo of the "Anything goes" party which doubtless includes dirty tricks, block voting, character assassination, whatever it takes to suppress democracy.

Never saw it so clearly explained, Kevin Larsen.


Good point Big Red Machine. Unfortunately giving credit and being positive about anything are seldom part of the political process.

News flash Pie-in-the-sky. Welcome to reality; there is roughly 46% - 53% of the BC voting population who could care less what political party is in power; so long as it not the NDP. I am honored to be the one to finally explain this concept to you.

Big Red Machine: Cry me a river, Nelson!!

'Instead of criticizing those who would do the job, how about congratulating them for their tireless efforts attempting to protect the children who have no one.'

Nothing that I have read over the past 18 months here on public eye has focussed on the worker bees of MCFD, those among us who you refer to as being on the "bottom" and who actually DO the work, but rather the focus of the posts has been on senior management. Now that you mention it, however, it does indeed feel sinister but not in the context of what you have expressed. It is the vibe of MCFD that feels sinister.

Sean is right to be posting about these issues.

I'm assuming Dawn Steele is on vacation as she is far more qualified to speak to this issue than the rest of us.

Ms. Du Toit, in my opinion, should have been canned long ago. I agree with most of Kevin's comments, but he's not on the right side of this one...I think PEO has been gentle. She has provided most of the stinkers herself. PEO has been exceedingly responsible in reporting MCF stories. To protest otherwise is not to understand the media.

In my opinion, MCFD managment response to things such as the Gove report, the Charlie inquiry is to protect for liability even more instead of really protecting children because in fact they have had to justify all the cuts and changes, as well as manage a system that is still underfunded.Liability is what gets paid attention to in the MCFD and cost cutting gets cloaked in business and commerce parlance that looks for "efficiencies" and that of course is about offloading, ...the Liberal way!So the apologists like larsen attack the messenger, as they do not like any perception that veers against the constant adage of better services, the interest of the child, and other catch all window dressing. As Gomer Pyle use to say....'sick, sick, sick.

Kevin, I just wish you'd explain that principle far and wide.

Come on, be a sport and enlighten the toiling masses with your amazing concept.

Democracy is out. Money (dirty or otherwise) rules. Tell them how good life will be if only B.C. can perpetuate this one-party, golden era.

No excuses. That is what you said, isn't it?


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