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John Fryer was once the very model of a major New Democrat. A former national and provincial union leader, Mr. Fryer ran for the party during the 1988 federal election. But, in an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Fryer confirmed, after more than 40 years as a New Democrat, he joined the Greens this past March. "I think the main reason I joined the Greens is that I believe the Greens under Elizabeth May have raised and are raising the national consciousness on the number one issue of the day - which I consider to be the environment. I have six children and 10 grandchildren. And I'm very concerned about the world we're leaving them," Mr. Fryer explained. That's not the only reason for his defection, though.

Mr. Fryer said he's also concerned about suggestions the New Democrats should try to replace the Liberals nationally. "And I think that's nonsense. (Party leader Jack) Layton is pursuing that. And that's clearly the way he's leading the party. And I think time is too short to go down that dead-end alley."

Mr. Fryer, who has known May for 30 years, said his defection isn't a reflection on the provincial New Democrats. But the party's constitution requires members of that group to also be federal New Democrats.


Far be it from me to dump on John Fryer's parade here.
But if his concern for the environment, which I must assume is part of his reason for the Green conversion, was so great, why did he multiply himself six times?

Hey, enjoy your loins to your heart's content, but, please note that having six children who have so far churned out another 10 partial images of the Fryer isn't exactly a model for environmental sustainability.

Repeating the line that Layton has some particular or previously unheard of "strategy to replace the Liberals nationally" is a standard line I see from Liberal bloggers who claim to be on the left of that party all the time. It's then immediately followed up by a ritualistic, forumula-drive Harper-Bush denunciation diatribe, and dire warnings about splitting the "progressive" vote and other BS.

Wonder if John Freyer has mellowed? He was quite militant during the fun times of Restraint in the early 1980's. Solidarity ran by Art Kube eclipsed the NDP as being the Labour Opposition to the Bennett Government with both John Fryer (head of the BCGEU) and Art Kube eclipsing Dave Barrett as the real opposition.

He was quite the fixture back then.

I love it!

The left-swingers in a tiff over how many min-tofu turkeys to produce!!!

Gotta love it!

Fryer was of no use and along with Kube, helped cement in the peoples minds just how wrong unionism can become and in no time flat.

The fact that Fryer thinks May and the Greens are viable tells us eveything we need to know.

So liberals should yield Vancouver East too, and the have not a chance to win the riding, better, recruit David Suzuki's daughter to run against Libby Davies just to teach NDP a lesson.

What causes the NDP defection you asked? Given the closeness of NDP in all levels of politics, unless "recruited" by the liberals, they would have a greater success pushing for environmental causes by unseating some of the big city liberal MP's who like Ujjal Dosanj, supposedly ex-NDP that supports a former anti-kyoto minister as party leader, or Stephen Owens whose tenure at Ottawa was financed by the supposedly environmentally sounded super riches in the riding. But I am sure the tree-huggers are always looking at the "big picture".

However, rather than trying to make John Fryer sound stupid, this marks a trend of left-wingers shifting from NDP which is becoming centrist under Jack Layton/Carole James/Vision Vancouver. David Cadman and the greens are becoming buddies as we speak after realizing VV never intended to "align" with him let along merge parties, and while Greens are really irrelevant in the national scene, they will definitely play a huge role in the provincial politics. Gordon Campbell and Carole James have already become indistinguishable on many issues, and once hard left-wingers NDP's decide to abandon a moderate Carole James, I anticipate a huge victory for Campbell & Co. I too hope to see Mr. Fryer running for 2008 with Vancouver Greens/COPE alliance, just to teach Jenny Kwan and her friends on VV a lesson.


you need a trip to the woodshed, your mouth washed with soap, some tar-and-feathers, plus maybe a few other remedies from the Dark Ages from which you seem to be speaking.

What a rotten display, to discuss someone's family that way. This ain't Animal Farm. OK?

Repeat after me: I will honour my friends, neighbours and countrymen of whatever size, shape, colour, and quantity.


Until the Federal NDP accepts carbon taxes and realizes that we all must take responsibility for our actions, then Fryer won't be the last defection from their ranks.

Now and again someone decides to join the greens. Big excitment for a few minutes. Yes they do collect votes but don't seem to have enough policies to win any seats. If Fryer has decided to go that way so what. Just one more yesterday's person. A lot of union background and a job at a university but does that make him anything but another guy trying to be greener than the rest of us. Dr.Brioney Penn seemed a obvious choice for the greens'with her background, writings and actions, but she saw the odds and went elsewhere.

Elizabeth May is not that good of a leader for the Greens. Her sell out performance in regards to Stephane Dion and not running a candidate against him if he doesn't run one against her, not too mention her fumbles and stumbles on a wide variety of subjects (when she has bothered to actually speak), have shown that the Greens have quite a long way to go before being considered politically signficant. And besides "Strike Out" Adrianne Carr is May's right hand person. With strategists like that who needs enemies.

And while Mr. Fryer could be seen as quite a catch by some who aren't in the loop as it were (ie conservatives, liberals etc) in reality, this is not as damaging as some people would make it out to be. And bleedingheart... I would echo the sentiment stated earlier by another poster. Taking cheapshots at someone's family, because of a political action of one of the members of that family is reprehensible. I happen to know one of the Fryer children, and neither he nor anyone of the family deserve to see such crap written about them.

As I stated previously, with all due respect, John Fryer is no big loss. But I wouldn't debase myself by running at his family or his personal life.

So liberals should yield Vancouver East too, and the have not a chance to win the riding, better, recruit David Suzuki's daughter to run against Libby Davies just to teach NDP a lesson.

Actually, FHK, it's funny you should say that! I agree that Suzuki or his daughter coming out as Liberals would indeed be a wake up call for a lot of NDPers. Right now, they seem to think he's on their side. Why, I have no idea.

Actually Budd, I was referring to Green Party recruiting Suzuki, (I dont think Suzuki likes Dion too much, but I am in his circle of friends, so I wouldnt know anyways:). I am sure, however, it will have the same effect on NDP that is losing tree-huggers fast.

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