Golfing buddies

Last week, Public Eye exclusively reported Marty Zlotnik, a long-time Gordon Campbell associate, has been circulating a petition calling on the premier to "find an alternative method of compensating the Musqueam Indian Band regarding any entitlement they may have" to the University Golf Club. But Mr. Zlotnik isn't the only Liberal supporter with an interest in the issue. Vancouver mogul David Ho, whose companies have donated $125,953 to the party between 2005 and 2006, owns the club's lease - which sees him pay a percentage of its gross revenues to the University of British Columbia.

But, in an interview with Public Eye, club manager Michael Mather explained, "We're not allowed to, as ordered by the courts" to get involved with the negotiations. "We're not allowed to discuss with anybody - whether it be the government, UBC, Musqueam about extending our lease." That lease is set to expire on May 22, 2015.


So the golf course will end up being owned by the Musquiem and shall reamain as a course for a number of years or until people forget the controversy. At the same time Agriculteral Land is being removed to satisfy the Tsawassen band interests in making that good for growing food land a parking lot at the coal port. So much for the requirment to keep ALR land set for growing crops. Too bad the irate public couldn't shift their focus a mile or so down the road.

One wonders where Gordon Campbell will be going once he is off his duty in Victoria. Harmony Airways is certainly nice, but it's a been there done that for BCL ex-ministers, hopefully he will score something with Concord Pacific (that'll probably go to Kevin Falcon though), funny, how out-going governors in the States like Mitt Romney get to sit on the boards of various hedge fund companies while premiers in Canada really dont have much to sit on and get paid for.

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